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Professionalism, integrity and honesty are the core values of the organization that runs Flying V. At its helm are industry leaders  with proven track record of success in the petroleum industry, they propel Flying V into a highly competitive fuel market.

Flying V invests in the future. A significant portion of revenues is directed towards Research & Development (R&D) for superior quality petroleum products. That is why our laboratory exists equipped with the best state of the art testing equipments. This laboratory is housed with qualified personnel who conduct Quality Control Testing (QCT), and R&D.

Flying V is now introducing Environtech an eco-friendly diesel fuel. It is an efficient, clean, natural diesel as an alternative to fossil based fuels. Among the many advantages of biodiesel are as follows:

  • Safe for use in all conventional Diesel Engines

  • Safest fuel to store and handle

  • Improves engine efficiency (higher Cetane rating) and durability

  • Improvement of ignition and lubricity

  • Reduction of Greenhouse Gases, pollution and aromatics: CO,    CO2, SO2, NO2, particularly (smoke) Benzene and Toluene

  • Improves mileage


Flying V is likewise developing a sulfur-free, biodegradable 2T oil. The Flying V group is continually developing alternative fuels to further reduce emissions in both diesel and gasoline powered engines. All these to improve the environment as a service to the nation and the Filipino people.


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